Death Multiplies (Depressed Mode Cover)

from by Ecliptic Dawn



Luring my mind to this endless way
of death and pain to deal with the endless day

Death multiples

*Your nightmares will be gone
As your angels fall

This huge amount of the dead bodies on these roads
Rising from the dead as quickly as they're born
I watch these falling rocks with fire from the sky
Seems like this prophecy has now prefilled

*Your dreams will fade
As your angels fall

Holding this godless cup of venom in my hands
now I'm bound to drink the liquid scent of death
I feel the life running out from my veins
My eyes feel like ice, being a part of me

Your eyes feel so cold
You're bound to feel this agony
You die, in a glimpse of a second
You smile on my final breath

Brought by pain far away
I am loosing my mind, nothing in vain
Me to blame, I am reborn


from Elysian Hypnosis, released July 15, 2013
Music & Lyrics by Ossy Salonen




Ecliptic Dawn Syrian Arab Republic

The first Gothic Metal project in Syria.
Releases :
2010 - Eternal Night of Eclipse (Demo)
2012 - Thorns of Truth (Single)

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